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it feelt really good to stick my meat inside this cheating lady – anal craving housband finally gets what he was desiring so long and now has a bad conscience

im a married guy and im really in a bad situation, my wife that i love above all ,is 32 years old but when it comes to creativity in sex, shes really a true conservative and we never went really out of the classic scheme. i often watch movies where they practices real hard sex and ask myself how this would feel but im also not the guy who wants to pay prostitutes . my wife is the first and only women i got, i lost my virginity on her and she hers on me, if i can believe her.anyway one day i was waiting at the car garage and i stumbled on that black haired panther , Veronica Avluv, was her name, she was complaining to the clerk about the bad performance and helped her negociating out stuff with that dude. sometimes it only takes a little sympathie , attention and regard to get a fast payback from such an older lady. pleased about my support she instantly invited me to her place for a drink, it happend she was just living next door and me, beeing a married guy, i was first hesitating, and telling her that this is a dangerous situation for me, she instantly discovered my weakness and my nervosity concerning the fact, that i was about to visit another womens home . but beeing nearly hypnotized i couldnt say no or refuse and followed her to her place. it was ovious that she was a single woman and she accomodated me with a glass of champaign that was allready opend from the last night. beeing a bit squiffy from that sparkling wine i couldnt stop starring at her marvelous long legs and bossom. i catched her eyes and i knew she allready completly controlled me and that i had no other way out of this situation then ending up inside her. beeing kind of offensive, she instantly went down on my pants opening my zipper and pulling out my meat that was allready semi-rigid. my first instinct was to get out of this, how the hell did i landed here, but then she allready had her mouth arround my schlong and was throating it. throating, what the fuck my wife never did this, it felt so good and she woke up the tiger in me. treat me like a whore she said gently and then i did. i instantly pulled my finger inside her asshole while she was facesitting me with her pussy and played her anus and spinchter to open it up. “yeaaaas do it more, please be harder”, she yelled, “do you want to put it in?”. oh my gosh my dreams became true, she squeezed her fingers arround her butt cheeks opend up her anus and with some of her help i managed to put my fully errected penis inside her anus, first i thought this was it but then she said harder, harder and i started to thrust harder on her . her butt was so tight that i needed a short break and wanted to penetrated her pussy too but this was a no go for her. “no”, you only can fuck my asshole, once you started you have to finish she said…oh my gosh, i was so dirty , what will i tell my wife, i assfucked a strange women and now im feeling addicted. will i get divorced ? maybe i should just forget about that adventure