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its hard to survive in the valley as a young girl.its like back in the gold diggers days, lots of beautiful girls come to the valley and think they find a well paid engagment in a startup company but like back in the old gold digging days, thats often not going to happen and those girls land in the porn valley biz. Here they take gigs like participating in private gangbang and orgy parties of the rich and decadent . They are used and abused as anal slaves by their dominant masters and the younger they look the better, often the wifeys of those aged rich successful valley kings participate there to and they are the rudest and ruffest ones fingering the assholes and butts of those young innocent chickens. Thos gigs are paid well for the young ladies allowing them to cover their rent for a couple of weeks and so they take the ruff pain of getting their virgin assholes drilled by big schlongs

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Lexy Lowe without question is a blonde busty chick that knows to put herself in desperate situations where she encouters dominating man that are happy to abuse her and every inch over her holes. Her submissive charachter just remotly putted her inside this dark cave . She dated an anomyous guy where she thought he might have a rough dominating core, and she was right. He was bounding here in the dirtiest darkest corner of that cave and abused her tight rectum with his huge errected thing. He putted her down on a dirty matress wich allready smelled a lil bit from past pussys , piss and also shit forced her to lay down on her belly and pulled his huge hard thing dry inside her milf asshole. He didnt even mind to lubricate it , just dry and rough, her anus compressor hurted badly but she had like 3 orgasms in a row when he came all inside here even without protection, just bareback style

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Chanel Preson is expert in finding stressed out powermoms that are full time engaged to backup their successful housbands. But those ladies have one thing in common, sexually they are mostly underused and neglected by their housbands. After having tossed out the first offspring their duty is done and their pussys stretched and the grade of stimulation aint the same as it has been when they were 18 years old young girls. their hubbies bang young prostitutes or maitresses and leave those powermoms on their own. Its a frustrating daily routine for lots of those mid aged moms and usually they tend to visit yoga sessions or other queer esotheric mental trainers to destract themselves from their boring day to day life. As a Yoga teachers Chanel is used to the problems of those girls and not timid to abuse those just begging for a little bit of love and dirty passion. First she accidently facesits with her big yoga butt on her female victims and frces them to lick out her beautiful tight butthole. when that is played and done its not far to show those spoiled ladys that a mature lady is able to bring lots of anal joys . She licks their tight unused assholes and finally pulls out the strapoon to get deeper into their bowel. While stimulating she pulls out the latest tricks to pinch the clitoris and voila those ladys soon discover that sexual pleasure can also be felt after the birth of a child


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there comes the moment when every girl aged between 15 and 18 discovers her body and finds out what feels good , sometimes even by accident or randomly. they are more curious then boys are and more willing to explore sexual practices and techniques. like alana, she accidently was sitting on the buttplug that was left by her older sister in the bathtube and discoverd that this was a great feeling inside her butthole. but it was even a greater feeling when she was inserting it deeper inside her large intestine nearly touching her belly. when know she was touching the same time the top of her small clit she nearly came instantly. all she had to do know whas to find a masturbationtechnique to artificial prolongate that moment so she could reach a huge climax. finally she found out that technique when she was seventeen and since then shes complaining that most of her boyfriends even dont dare to touch her tight asshole and she mostly does use this technique in secrecy and on her own

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Angel Smalls and Tyler Nixon are a nice daughter mom combination inside this flthy film from evil angel. To proove her stepsun that shes able to compete with the young tight snatch of her daughers shes offering her young uneducated stepsun the opportunity to penetrate her rectum. Its the first time hes doing it inside the wrong hole with a girl so he takes his time and her 40 years old mature asshole has to be lubed before his huge schlong will fit in. And all this while the daughter is watching. Great action

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joanna angel without doubt just loves it hard and rotten. shes not the type of girl that admires romantic sex. deep inside shes an animal and she wants to be treaten like that, no wonder shes doing regular the hottest buttmovies someone can imagine. in this scene shes doing anal and anal gaping on her own but usually there are allways like 2 men or women involed that have terrible fun abusing their rectums