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precocious daughter discovering rectum pleasures after accidently sitting on a buttplug

teenage girl discovering rectum pleasures
there comes the moment when every girl aged between 15 and 18 discovers her body and finds out what feels good , sometimes even by accident or randomly. they are more curious then boys are and more willing to explore sexual practices and techniques. like alana, she accidently was sitting on the buttplug that was left by her older sister in the bathtube and discoverd that this was a great feeling inside her butthole. but it was even a greater feeling when she was inserting it deeper inside her large intestine nearly touching her belly. when know she was touching the same time the top of her small clit she nearly came instantly. all she had to do know whas to find a masturbationtechnique to artificial prolongate that moment so she could reach a huge climax. finally she found out that technique when she was seventeen and since then shes complaining that most of her boyfriends even dont dare to touch her tight asshole and she mostly does use this technique in secrecy and on her own

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she didnt expect to get her sweet young tight butthole exploited, when she started this sex affair with a business guy. Hoping to get access to his cards and checking accounts, he only dates her twice a week to fuck her and his brains out. Ater two or three weeks it became boring and the next thrill can only to be to pound her sweet butthole. Shes shocked but then takes it like a woman . After that he purchased her a new bag and she was happy again but will not talk about that to her girlfriends