bitchy intern finally and badly abused by her team leader – she lost her anal virginity

anally invaded valentina nappi
valentina nappi is a real career bitch, she will do anything to get the responsability to take over that project. She doesnt mind that she has a boyfriend, even is engaged. As a typical cooperate slut she knows that sometimes a girl has to sleep with her team leder to raise in the command structure of a big cooperation. Especially in those creative business like advertising or television production. So she finally agreed to visit her production leader in his hotel room, and he made it easy while filling her up with some booze from the mini bar and some smart small talk she thought he wasnt bad at all and why not give him her pussy for a quicker promotion . But it turned out to be much more difficult. This guy was a hard case, he was used to bang interns and all he wanted was to crack her tight asshole. Well valentinas asshole is still a virgin and to open up her spinchter wasnt easy at all. Especially as her boyfriend wanted to fuck her anally and she did refuse, now this time she couldnt get out, she had to open up her compressor and let the big schlong of her superior in to finally get what she wants. Her asshole burned like hell but she really enjoyed it .now how is she going to tell her boyfriend that she aint a anal virgin anymore

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