blonde waitress stole the bosses money and was tied up in his cave and nearly anal raped as punishment

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john had longtime ago an eye on his blonde waitress slut. But she allways refused any sexual approaches telling him, she had a boyfriend and she didnt want to cheat on hime. One day it turned out her boyfriend is a complete jerk and a heroine addict, so she started steal money from her boss, every other day he noticed missing dollars in his wallet but he couldnt proove it. Then one day his detective works paid off, he catched his blonde secretary stealing money. That was enough, after all those sexual denials he was so pissed that he took her into his cave, there he tied her up on a cheap dirty matrass and started forcing her to suck his boner. It turned out she liked it but he wanted more, he wanted her tiny cute ass that usually wasnt badly fucked by this heroine addict and he got it. She was nearly conciousless when he finished his load inside her tiny sweet ass. Shell never going to steal money from him again

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